Join the 500 Club

The Beacon Lodge 500 Club is a great opportunity for an individual Lion, Lioness, Leo, or non-Lion to make a personal contribution to PA Lions Beacon Lodge Camp.   All monies given through this club go toward building and property maintenance of Beacon Lodge. Funds are used for every day issues like when a toilet breaks or a sidewalk needs repaired, to the big stuff, like making a bathroom handicapped accessible or putting a new roof on a building.

The idea of the 500 Club is to donate at least $5.00* a year to support the camp. Membership is renewable annually.  Yearly memberships begin October 1 of each year.

  • A donation of $100.00* or more, entitles individual to a special Life Membership lapel pin.
  • Twenty-five years of continuous membership will also entitle an individual to a Life Membership.

Membership checks should be payable to:
Beacon Lodge 500 Club

Our mailing address is:
PA Lions Beacon Lodge Camp
114 SR103 South, Mount Union, PA 17066

Membership may be obtained from any board member of PA Lions Beacon Lodge Camp. Each district in multiple 14 has at least two (2) board members

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