Camp Activities

Beacon Lodge Camp has carefully put together a program that provides virtually every facet of recreation with an educational theme. This page shows the wide range of fun and challenging activities all based on the camper’s individual needs and abilities and stressing safety first. Read on and see why our campers have a blast at Beacon Lodge!


Swimming – Swimming is great fun, as well as great therapy for many people with special needs.  It is a ground entrance pool, fully staffed with experienced lifeguards during all swimming hours, and well fenced in for safety when not in use.

Boating – Since Beacon Lodge has its own private lake and access to the river front, boaters can enjoy canoeing, kayaking, paddle boating and tube floats on the water.

Fishing – The Charles E. Marsh lake at Beacon Lodge is fully stocked with trout making for an exciting fishing experience for many campers!

Color Wars – This is an event enjoyed by the campers in our Children’s Village. Water races and relays challenge each camper, and there’s a pretty good chance of getting wet!


From group initiative games to relay races and outdoor bowling, campers enjoy hours and hours of individual and group related game-play. A quiet game of checkers or cards is always a common sight in the living room of the main lodge, as well as bingo and board games.


Music is a fun part of Beacon Lodge Camp. Between the musicals, short skits, and plays performed to the entire camp, those who enjoy the spotlight can enjoy performing on stage to the delight of all campers and staff! Many campers say that the teamwork needed to accomplish putting on their show and the lasting friendships made are things they leave with and never forget. Dancing and storytelling are other fun activities to learn and enjoy.


Hiking/Nature Walks – Beacon Lodge Camp is made up of 583 acres of beautiful mountain wilderness that every nature enthusiast is sure to enjoy. Take a leisurely walk along a stream, through our Braille Trail for the visually impaired, on fossil hunts, or go exploring for wildflowers and butterflies.



Bowling – Beacon Lodge has 4 outdoor bowling lanes used by all of our campers!

Caving – That’s right, Beacon Lodge has its very own cave! Enjoy caving/spelunking on our very own property! Can you make it to the clay room?

Climbing Tower

Miniature Golf

Riflery and Archery – Archery and riflery are taught with a strong emphasis on safety and responsibility. Bow strengths varying from 15-40 pounds and shooting distances from 15-30 yards provide a challenge to both the beginner and the expert archer. The covered range allows campers to shoot in any type of weather.

Field Trips -Both adults and children are offered special trips to places like local farmer’s markets, state parks, craft fairs, amusement parks, zoos, or local events.

Zip Line – Our new 700 ft zip line is a great extreme sports adventure!

Arts & Crafts

In the arts and crafts program, campers have the opportunity to express their creativity. All campers are encouraged to use their imagination to plan and create a work of art to call their own.


*Activities and off-camp trips are dependent upon the session attended.