Beacon Lodge Facilities

Beacon Lodge Camp is made up of 583 acres of beautiful mountain woodland, but the camp also has the facilities and accommodations to make it a great place for people with special needs to camp in comfort and safety. Read on and see what we have to offer!

Beacon Lodge is made up of two camps, the Children’s Village for campers age 6-17, and the Adult Camp for those age 18 to the golden years.


CHILDREN’S VILLAGEChildren's Village and Playground
The Children’s Village has 12 well-ventilated, screened cabins complete with bathroom facilities and individual storage cabinets for personal items. Each cabin accommodates 6 children and one or two counselors. We feel that the “cabin group” is one of the most important elements of a successful camp experience. The cabin counselor’s enthusiasm and interest in each camper contributes greatly to the success of a camper’s summer. The Children’s Village also houses its own dining hall, infirmary, art room, nature center, laundry facility, and activity room complete with weight lifting and other exercise equipment.

In the Adult Camp is the Main Lodge which houses a large dining room, kitchen, living room, library, sun porch, and guest rooms (cabins). The Adult Camp is complete with a canteen, activity room/art room, infirmary, dorms/cabins for both men and women, and a married couples’ building.

Our newly constructed heated pool. Fully handicapped accessible and capable of use by those in a wheelchair. Both camps share the many activity areas at Beacon Lodge Camp: A large outdoor pavilion, playground, outdoor bowling alleys, beautiful outdoor heated pool, boat dock, Charles E. Marsh Lake, which is stocked with trout, the Braille Trail and other nature trails, ropes course, outdoor camping facilities, miniature golf course, archery/rifle range, and mountain/tandem bike hut. There are so many things to enjoy here at Beacon Lodge, it’s no wonder that about 90% of our campers are returnees from previous years.

Here at Beacon Lodge, we strive to make every aspect of a camper’s stay a comfortable and enjoyable one. Meal times and medical needs are two very important elements in achieving that goal. Camp meals are nutritious and well-balanced, with special diets upon a physician’s recommendation.  Nurses are on duty 24 hours a day.  Qualified lifeguards are on duty during all swim periods and special instruction is given to those learning how to swim. All camp activities are well-planned and properly staffed and supervised with much consideration given to the specific needs and abilities of each camper.