Beacon Lodge Camp Mission Statement

Our Mission

Is to provide all individuals with special needs, the opportunity to enjoy a camping experience encompassing recreational, educational, and personal adjustment.  Special emphasis is placed on stimulating interests and appreciation for recreation and learning, and to encourage attempting new challenges.  The camp also serves as a reference center for Pennsylvania Residents for support services in their local area.

Beacon Lodge Camp shall pursue its mission:

  1. By providing opportunities for understanding and appreciation through an awareness of natural surroundings.
  2. By encouraging the camper to participate in and share the responsibilities of a democratic society.
  3. By helping the camper realize that he/she has significant place in the social pattern.
  4. By fostering in him/her the desire to participate in ALL camp activities.
  5. By developing in him/her a sense of responsibility and respect for others.
  6. By enabling the camper to learn accepted ways of competing and cooperating with others.
  7. By stimulating in each camper greater self-reliance, resourcefulness and initiative.
  8. By helping the camper learn new skills and to explore his/her own capabilities.
  9. By aiding the camper on the road to self realization, self fulfillment, and personal identity.